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Programme of Talks 2020
10 March – Chris Sidaway, The Glastonbury Pilgrims Way - A new Somerset Trail. 14 April – Dave Bown, The Bridgwater Railway 12 May – Dr Miles Peterson, New research and Conservation in Wembdon Road Cemetery. 9 June – David Baker, A Medieval History of Bridgwater 14 July – Mary Winning, The Blake Drama Group 8 September – Chris Hocking, Bridgwater Carnival 13 October – AGM 10 November – Brian Wright, Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall! Nursery Rhymes, a hidden history. All talks will be held at the Blake Museum, starting at 7.30pm unless otherwise stated. Entry is free for full members. £3.00 is requested of NonMembers and Volunteer Friends. We reserve the right to vary the programme, or cancel a talk at short notice as circumstances may dictate.            
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Talks programme is cancelled until further notice
Wembdon Road Cemetery 10 Years anniversary. You will need to turn your volume up for Video 1 Videos are hosted on Youtube. Video 1. 18mins Video 2. 17mins Video 3. 14mins It should be noted that the reference to Honeysuckle Alley being another name for Clare St. is incorrect. Honeysuckle Alley linked Clare St and Market St.
  Video 4. 15mins
  Video 5. 16mins
  Video 6. 13mins
  Video 7. 11mins